The ingredients of a trend-led piece


So as you know, we're breaking down the exact recipe of some of the main types of media feature out there. The reason? So that when you pitch this kind of piece, you know exactly what needs to go into it. 

This week, we're putting the trend-led piece under the microscope. Whether fashion, beauty, cultural, travel, food or design, the trend led piece translates a new or growing trend into user friendly language for the audience. 

Let's get into it... 


The first thing this piece needs is to explain exactly what the trend actually is - that's because we can't always assume that the people who are interested in it will already know.


Next, it needs context - evidence for how and why this has become a trend. This could be social media or celebrity evidence, as well as statistical or cultural. Basically, it's this kind of feature's version of the answer to the 'why does this matter now?' question I'm always telling you guys about.

Comments from an expert on why this is a trend

 This is where you come in! This is the moment to let your expertise shine. Here, you break down for the audience the psychology for WHY this has become something hordes of people are getting on board with. 

Comments from an expert on how to try this trend

Value, This doesn't need too much of an explanation. This is the part where you, as the expert, demonstrate for people exactly how to try this trend for themselves.