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 A journalist's insider secrets on using the media to build a reputation that sells itself. We're talking bigger opportunities, greater impact and more sales - and all without hiring a PR team.

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Building a business takes major guts. And that's why the recognition and rewards you receive should reflect that. 


Whether you're looking for investment, want sold-out launches or dream of helping more people through partnerships, speaking events, or book writing, media publicity is a non-negotiable.

Through a dedicated VIP membership, short courses, workshops and 1:1 strategy sessions, The Scoop gives you the tools you need to get there - without hiring a PR team.

Take a look around - we'll show you exactly who we are, what we do and what's in it for you. 

Just some of our members' media wins...

Not your average DIY PR trainer...


The Scoop's special sauce is that it's founded by a real-life, actual working journalist (we know!), so everything you learn when you join our world come straight from the source itself.

As someone who places and writes about brands and founders all day long, Bianca gives up-to-the-minute guidance, so you know what's being taught is working right now.

She's written for a few places you might have heard of as well. A Senior Contributor for Forbes and with articles in Vogue, Cosmopolitan, The Sunday Times, Courier, Refinery29 and the Independent, Bianca will take you from 'no idea where to start' or 'never working with PR again' to 'why isn't everybody doing this?' 


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We support every stage of your media publicity journey, whether you're...

Just getting started...


If your business is fairly new and you want to build more trust and familiarity with your brand, we teach you exactly how to land quick and easy media wins and turn those into sales through our dedicated courses. No need to worry about forking out for a PR retainer - we'll teach you the skills you need to do it yourself. 

Scaling your business...

Growing your business with a team and ready to be seen as the go-to expert in your field, access investment, dream collaborations, bigger sales and better opportunities? We help you or your team (if you're looking to delegate) keep PR in house forever, hone your messaging, create a fail safe strategy and build your network of media contacts through our VIP membership and 1:1s. All whilst saving thousands a month on PR.

Or need help refocusing... 

If you're an established business with some experience of using PR (whether in house or through an agency) but feel like the media results you're achieving aren't as impactful, lucrative or on-brand as you know they could be, we help you redefine your message and refocus your strategy through our team workshops and talks. That way, you can rest assured every penny you're pouring into publicity is worth it.

Elizabeth King

"The Scoop courses are a game changer - Bianca is a media secret weapon. I'm so grateful for this amazing resource - it's helped us uplevel our media beyond what we could imagine."

Fertility Coach

Ryn Sloane

Bianca has this amazing ability to brainstorm on the spot with unique approaches and she sees various ways to present the value of what I offer to multiple outlets, helping me to have a greater reach.

Cancer Mentor 

Dave Lerner 

"Bianca - that was terrific and a well needed element to our offering. We deeply appreciate your time and expertise."

Director of Entrepreneurship, Columbia University, USA.

Your ticket to results:  

  What if we told you that every day, journalists create thousands of callouts for experts, founders and business owners just like you and that you could land a piece of press coverage with a world renowned media title in as little as 24 hours? This is Quick Media Wins.

Through the course you'll learn how to find, filter and answer requests in less than an hour a week and how to secure media mentions that build trust and recognition with your ideal customer on a regular basis.  




  Imagine becoming the go-to expert in your field, being approached for your thoughts by top tier media on the regular, receiving invites to speak on podcasts, panels and at world-class speaking events and landing pinch-me collaborations and opportunities because your efforts.  

The Scoop VIP membership is the place for the founder who's ready to get serious about becoming a household name, creating a bigger impact and being the global leader they were always meant to be.




In our group workshops and talks, we can help your team refocus your media message and strategy, to be more in alignment with your brand values and goals, as we as teach you exactly what journalists are looking for in today's media climate and how to build meaningful relationships with the media. 

Having delivered workshops and talks to organisations such as Columbia Business School, Allbright and Home Grown Members' Clubs, Bianca and Grace have a knack for crafting their expertise and experience into the perfect package for your organisation. 



Supercharge your results with a 1:1 session with Bianca and Grace - advice and consultation totally tailored to your specific needs.

In our sessions, you'll get uninterrupted time with a Forbes, Vogue and BBC journalist (Bianca) AND a PR with over 10 years' experience (Grace) to solely focus on your personalised media plan. 

These can be recorded and attended by team members and/ or leaders.